Have You Left a Money Trail on Venmo?

A popular blog post based off of findings from my paper in Technology Science, to demonstrate how the Money Trail Chrome Extension I created can be used to dicern private things about people based on their public Venmo histories. Featured on Business Insider, Tech Insider and the Huffington Post.

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What I Learned When I Lost My Internship at Facebook

An Op-Ed written by me and published in Time, describing what I had learned about broader issues of privacy in technology from having Facebook rescind my internship offer because of a privacy flaw I revealed in their system.

Originally published in Time

Stalking Your Friends with Facebook Messenger

An extremely popular post along with my (now defunct) Marauders Map Chrome Extension to demonstrate how default location sharing on Facebook Messenger lets you track your friends movements (and vice versa). Featured on over 200 news outlets including The Gaurdian, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Front Page of Hacker News as well as many other sites around the world.

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How Finding a Fun Little Bug Can Avert Disaster

An blog post on how a silly bug I found in a Havard Business School executive training simulation led to a serious security hole being patched in systems licenced to businesses and governments around the world.

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The Proof of Wagner's Conjecture and Why it Matters

A blog post seeking to explain in (relatively) simple terms the recent proof of Wangner's Conjecture by Neil Robertson and Paul Seymour, and why it is interesting to programmers who work with graphs.

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